University Profile Shows Most Australian Gamblers are addicted to Pokies
The Flinders University School of Medicine recently conducted a profile study of problem gamblers. The study found that four out of five problem gamblers in the South Australia area are addicted to the pokie machines. These numbers are surprising since online gambling and sports betting have grown in the area.

The study showed that less than one percent of those profiled stated they had a problem with online gambling but just over 80 percent of those gamblers admitted that they had a pokie addiction. Malcolm Battersby the professor of Psychiatry at the school stated that experts are unsure as to why there is a boom in sports betting and online gambling but not direct involvement with an increase in problem gamblers.

The university also reported that they have treated close to 800 people in the 2010-11 year. TAB gambling saw just over 10% in gambling problems which casino games were 3% and Keno was 1.1%. Battersby commented: “People have said for a long, long time: Look out, here comes a tsunami of people with problem gambling’, because of the new reforms of gambling and we have not seen that yet.”

Battersby went on to state: "One researcher has evidence that while problem gambling in the newer forms of gambling is increasing, we are yet to see the increase in people seeking help. We don't know why is the short answer. But like all young people, perhaps those who are taking up the new forms of gambling just don't seek help. Around 20,000 people have a gambling problem in total but only 2000-3000 come for help."

- 2012-07-12

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