Tasmanian Community Welfare Group Calles for Pokie Curfew
Pokies are a common gambling game in several areas across the globe and players enjoy the game due to the easy nature of game play. In Tasmania, the games are well received and players have the opportunity to take part in pokies in gaming facilities, hotels and clubs. Despite the popularity of the games, there are still groups that are concerned with the gambling opportunities. Anglicare, a community welfare group in the area, has asked for curfews to be made for the games to stop problem gambling issues.

The group wants to see the pokie games phased out by 2018 from all hotels and clubs in the area and are now asking for a curfew for game play. The submission by the group states that pokie gaming should not take place after 10pm and bases their claim on a study of problem gambling.

Reverend Chris Jones, the Chief Executive of the group, states that the curfew would put a reduction on problem gambling. Jones stated there is still an issue with problem gamblers in Tasmania and something needs to be done to protect residents who gamble and their families.

The Reverend believes that there is much that can be done to help protect the citizens of Tasmania. Anglicare is also hoping that the government will not review the deal with Federal Hotels. The group operates thousands of poker machines throughout the state. Jones believes that as the deal with the Federal Hotels group comes back into the light, the deed needs to be discussed and the conversation to stop the games needs to start.

Jones also stated that everyone needs to be discussing if they want the games to continue or do the games need to stop. Most would like to see the games continue to so it will be interesting to see if the group is successful in removing the pokie games.

- 2014-05-02

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