Pokie Robber Comes Forward
When enjoy gambling games, one must always be aware of their surroundings, especially if a large sum of money is won. When you play pokies or table games, among other gaming options, you must be aware because people are watching.

Sometimes the wrong type of people sees you win and they want to take advantage of you. This is exactly what happened to an elderly woman recently in New Zealand.
Zaryan Ahmed recently admitted to robbing an elderly woman of her pokie winnings while on a drug induced stupor. The young man is only twenty one years old and admitted in court this week that he was high on drugs and had drank alcohol when he attacked the victim. Apparently, Ahmed had lost money on the pokies and he was disappointed to the point of anger.

He then saw the elderly victim, who was 79 years old, win $360 on the pokies machine. The win actually came from the machine he had previously been on. This was his breaking point and he decided to take action. He followed the woman as she left the facility and he pushed her down.

The elderly woman hit the ground and ended up cutting her head open and needed stitches. He then took her winnings while she lay bleeding on the ground. Ahmed was subsequently arrested and charged with injuring the victim as well as theft. Ahmed plead guilty to the charges and stated that he had difficulty in New Zealand since immigrating at a young age.

The young man seemed remorseful for his actions and the judge in the case decided to take his remorse into consideration. He must now serve community detention and take on community work. The actions of the young man resulted in serious consequences especially since he left the woman in pain on the ground.

- 2014-04-11

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