Pokie Machine Pays Out Multi-Million Dollar Jackpot
The pokies are a common gambling game enjoyed by players around the world especially in the UK and Australia. The games are easy to play and can reward handsomely for very little wagering. One couple found out just how much the pokies pay when enjoying the Lionís Share machine at a pokie machine at the MGM Grand Casino. The lucky couple earned $2.4 million by playing the game which had not been hit in two decades!

Walter Misco and his wife Linda were playing the slot game for just five minutes when the big jackpot was hit. The couple was visiting from New Hampshire when they were able to hit the large jackpot which had eluded players for years. The Lionís Share game is the last of its kind on the gaming floor and was so famous, the game even had its own Facebook and Twitter social media pages.

The couple could not believe the win and say it is all down to luck. Walter said he saw the story about the machine online and his wife walked by the game when they arrived at the casino. They decided to play as his wife said if you play you will win. So he did as she is the boss.

After playing the game for just five minutes, the couples were able to hit the jackpot and are now $2.4 million richer. Thanks to the lovely Lindaís quick decision, the happily married couple now has a great windfall to their name. It will be interesting to see how the couple will spend their newfound winnings as so many people before tried to be the lucky winner. The game had stood the test of time in the casino lobby and was just waiting for the right person to come along and play. It looks as though the lucky couple were the right people!

- 2014-09-12

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