Pokie Addict Spends Millions on the Game
The pokies are very popular gaming choice for gaming operators especially in the UK and Australia. Players have been known to become very addicted to the games and can end up making crazy decisions that can change a life. A player in Port Kembla was recently convicted of stealing money from a social housing organization to play the pokies. Lalaine Agrarap, of Figtree, has spent more than $21 million playing the pokies in several areas and is now paying the price.

Agatarap worked in an administrative capacity and was able to use her position at The Housing Trust to steal millions from the organization over 245 illegal transactions to be able to play the game. The player ran her scam from late 2006 to mid 2013.

The player says she did not steal $3 million+ from the company and only admits to taking a little over $2.8 million. She has now pleaded guilty to stealing property as a clerk or servant. The statement by Agatarap says that the player used her position to change the information of the companys banking system so that payments for internal transfers would be sent to her bank account. She also did this to third party transactions.

To push the transactions further, to her actual bank account, she needed the approval codes from two managers and she was able to get this approval. The managers trusted Agatarap and would enter in the code without looking at the value of the transaction or to whom the payment was for.

The player felt as though she would be caught during an audit for the 06-07 year but she was able to get away with her crimes. Agtarap continued to gamble, even losing $60,000 in one sitting. She must now wait until August for her sentencing.

- 2014-07-16

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