Grandmother Gambles Instead of Providing Child Care
Grandmothers are supposed to be loving and caring, a great way for parents to get a break with much-needed child care. When a parent needs a break, they hand over the kids to grandma. We all assume that every grandparent gives the proper love and care needed for children but in reality they do not. One grandmother was recently in court for leaving her two young grandchildren in a vehicle so she could enjoy the pokies.

The woman is fifty eight years old and her identity remains anonymous so the children are not brought into the case. She left a three year old and one year old child in her vehicle while she walked across the street to play the pokies. According to court reports, witnesses saw the two children screaming in the vehicle on June 10th and officers were called to the scene. The woman was eventually found in the Fitzroy Hotel playing pokies.

The grandmother has pled guilty to charges of leaving a child under the age of 12 for an unreasonable amount of time without supervision and care. The representation of the grandmother stated that she cares for three grandchildren full time. She left the kids alone so she could purchase food but then used the bathroom and the facility was closed. She then went across the street to use the bathroom and saw the pokies and decided to play $1 which gave her free spins.

Police allege the woman left the kids unattended for as long as 30 minutes although the woman says it was only 5 minutes. The grandmother has been given 12 months of probation and was told to never leave the children unattended again. If she does, she will most likely incur jail time for her actions as there are serious repercussions for endangering a child.

- 2014-09-22

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