Former Bar Manager Found Guilty of Stealing Pokie Funds
Pokie machines are a popular pastime in New Zealand as players enjoy the gambling game most every day. The games are available in most restaurants and bars and players can easily grab a meal or dink and spend a few hours gambling. The money earned from the pokie games goes towards different community groups and organizations as determined by the law. Just recently a bar manager in Auckland was found guilty of taking pokie money that would have otherwise funded community groups.

John Mark Bradfield was found guilty for taking almost $10,000 in pokie money from the Flo bar and café where he worked as a bar manager. Bradfield was charged with theft by a person in a special relationship for taking the money that was supposed to go towards the New Zealand Community Trust.

Judge David Wilson QC ruled in the case and said that Bradfield took the money for his own purpose and that the gambling model for New Zealand is created to benefit community groups with pokie funds. When someone takes this money it is like stealing from these groups as they use the money for good causes. Wilson said he was pleased to have played a part in the accountability of Bradfield.

Bradfield argued the charges stating that he took the money as a form of refund for the contribution that he and his wife made to the bar. The judge did not agree and decided to find the former bar manager guilty. Bradfield now awaits sentencing which should take place next month.

This is just one instance of many as to how people in power use their position to take money that is not rightfully theirs. This happens quite normally in establishments which offer gambling games such as pokies, however most culprits are caught eventually due to financial discrepancies.

- 2014-03-11

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