Business Owner Loses Company after Employee Steals for Pokies Habit
Gambling games can be very enticing and players will go to extreme measures to play their favorite games. A dental laboratory owner recently lost his business due to the business bookkeeper taking a ton of money to fund his pokies habit. George Thalassinos and his wife mentored and looked after Jason George McGregor who was the bookmaker for the business since 2008. McGregor ended up taking over $2.1 million from the business and the wife of the owner felt as though the bookmaker couldnt be trusted after some time but George would not listen.

George ended up writing a victim impact statement for the court proceedings and stated that he has lost the respect of his children as well as damaged the relationship with his wife. He feels stupid for not listening to his wife, who also wrote a statement saying she never trusted McGregor and that she was not believed.

Ms. Thalassinos felt as though McGregor was performing every day and that he would divert the questions she raised when asked about the business. It took the wife five years to get her husband to listen and now the couples life savings is gone. McGregor has no prior convictions but has now pled guilty to six charges of obtaining property by deception.

McGregor started working at the company as a delivery driver and then moved up to receptionist and then working on payroll. It was once he was in the payroll role that he was involved with invoices, internet banking accounts and financials. Overall, the bookkeeper was able to take $2.148 million from the business and used the majority of the money to gamble at pokie machines. The gambler has apologized to the family but this does not put the stolen money back into their banking account.

- 2014-06-20

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