Pokies Addict Steals From Employer
The pokies are quite popular and have been known to cause players to become addicted to the game. Gamblers have to be very careful when playing any game, especially the pokies, to ensure that they are playing with limited funds and carefully. However some players take the game too far and go to great lengths to be able to play the game. Recently, a player who is addicted to the game was found to be using her employer to fund her gambling habit.

Anne Elizabeth Dalton was a manager of the Family and Youth Services in Modbury and she was a big advacate for battered women. It was found out that Dalton was actually using the plight of battered women to steal from her employer to fund her pokie habit.

Dalton faces 271 charges of falsification of accounts and was found to be stealing from the business from 1999 to 2003. Dalton would falsify applications for fake people who needed emergency financial assistance. These ‘people’ were supposedly in need of assistance because they were victims of domestic abuse. The amount of each application was $500 and the total amount stolen was just over $100,000.

Peter Longson served as the prosecutor during the case and he stated that Dalton took money from the public purse that was entrusted to her to help women in need. Longson also stated that Dalton continued to claim that she was working to help battered women but all the while she was lying, manipulating and stealing from these women.

John Lyons is the defense attorney in the case and he stated that the judge needs to take the health and good character of Dalton from the past into consideration before ruling. The sentencing of Dalton will be taking place on September 6th.

- 2013-08-05

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