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Grandmother Gambles Instead of Providing Child Care

Grandmothers are supposed to be loving and caring, a great way for parents to get a break with much-needed child care. When a parent needs a break, they hand over the kids to grandma. We all assume that every grandparent gives the proper love and care needed for children but in reality they do not. One grandmother was recently in court for leaving her two young grandchildren in a vehicle so she could enjoy the pokies. (22/09)

Pokie Machine Pays Out Multi-Million Dollar Jackpot

The pokies are a common gambling game enjoyed by players around the world especially in the UK and Australia. The games are easy to play and can reward handsomely for very little wagering. One couple found out just how much the pokies pay when enjoying the Lionís Share machine at a pokie machine at the MGM Grand Casino. The lucky couple earned $2.4 million by playing the game which had not been hit in two decades! (12/09)

Pokie Addict Spends Millions on the Game

The pokies are very popular gaming choice for gaming operators especially in the UK and Australia. Players have been known to become very addicted to the games and can end up making crazy decisions that can change a life. A player in Port Kembla was recently convicted of stealing money from a social housing organization to play the pokies. Lalaine Agrarap, of Figtree, has spent more than $21 million playing the pokies in several areas and is now paying the price. (16/07)

Business Owner Loses Company after Employee Steals for Pokies Habit

Gambling games can be very enticing and players will go to extreme measures to play their favorite games. A dental laboratory owner recently lost his business due to the business bookkeeper taking a ton of money to fund his pokies habit. George Thalassinos and his wife mentored and looked after Jason George McGregor who was the bookmaker for the business since 2008. McGregor ended up taking over $2.1 million from the business and the wife of the owner felt as though the bookmaker couldnt be trusted after some time but George would not listen. (20/06)

Pokie Addict Kills Patient for Gambling Cash

When a gambler becomes so enticed with a gambling game, it can mean big trouble for the gambler. Players will make horrible decisions that end up changing their life dramatically. Just recently a story broke about a care giver who was addicted to pokie gambling. Kerry Forrest was caring for an elderly man when she decided to kill him with a dose of morphine and then sell his home to play the pokie machines. (27/05)

Pokie Robber Earns Jail Time

Stealing is a horrible crime and one that most people hope to avoid. When it comes to gambling, many times criminals will target winners for an easy score. Players need to be extremely careful that they are aware of their surroundings after a big win. A young man recently earned jail time after robbing an elderly woman of her pokie winnings. (21/05)

Tasmanian Community Welfare Group Calles for Pokie Curfew

Pokies are a common gambling game in several areas across the globe and players enjoy the game due to the easy nature of game play. In Tasmania, the games are well received and players have the opportunity to take part in pokies in gaming facilities, hotels and clubs. Despite the popularity of the games, there are still groups that are concerned with the gambling opportunities. Anglicare, a community welfare group in the area, has asked for curfews to be made for the games to stop problem gambling issues. (02/05)

Pokie Robber Comes Forward

When enjoy gambling games, one must always be aware of their surroundings, especially if a large sum of money is won. When you play pokies or table games, among other gaming options, you must be aware because people are watching. (11/04)

Former Bar Manager Found Guilty of Stealing Pokie Funds

Pokie machines are a popular pastime in New Zealand as players enjoy the gambling game most every day. The games are available in most restaurants and bars and players can easily grab a meal or dink and spend a few hours gambling. The money earned from the pokie games goes towards different community groups and organizations as determined by the law. Just recently a bar manager in Auckland was found guilty of taking pokie money that would have otherwise funded community groups. (11/03)

Pokie Machines to be removed from Tasmania

Greens officials have announced that the pokie machines available in establishments in Tasmania are going to be removed over the next five years according to a new plan. Kim Booth, the Bass Greens MHA, announced this week that the pokie machines will be removed over the next few years, which will be more than 3,500 pokie machines removed from gaming. (03/03)

Hotel Manager Guilty of Pokie Theft

Enjoying the pokies is a past time that many people take part in every day. Pokies machines can be found in many different areas across the globe but are particularly popular in the UK and in Australia. Players take time out of their busy schedules on a regular basis to hit the pokies and the games bring in millions in revenues each year. (28/02)

Auckland SkyCity Casino Affected by Odd Video Poker Scammer

Video poker is a game that enjoyed across the globe. Most casinos offer some type of video poker game play. The games are electronic and can easily produce a huge jackpot win. Players who enjoy poker can easily see hand after hand instead of the slower game play of the poker tables. At the Auckland SkyCity, a player was recently found guilty of jamming pokie machines with gum to come back later to take the winnings. (21/02)

Pokie Player Robbed; 3 Earn Jail Time

Playing pokies is a fun past time for many across the globe, but just like any gambling game, players must be wary leaving with a large win. Criminals are known to frequent casinos and gaming facilities to watch for big winners and then pounce when they leave the premises. This is exactly what happened to an elderly man after playing pokies at a Bundaberg pub. (07/02)

Hotel Owner Wants More Pokie Machines

Pokie machines are a fun past time for gamblers and easy to enjoy. Players will find pokie machines across the globe but especially in the UK. In many areas, pokie gaming options are limited to help with gambling addictions but operators always want to add more gaming systems. The owner of the Shamrock Hotel in Bendigo is one such operator who wants to add machines and is prepared to fight to do so. (20/01)

Racing Club Does Not Contribute to Problem Gambling Measures Properly

In most cases, gambling facilities are to provide some type of problem gambling resources to be allowed to operate gambling entertainment. From casinos to sports betting and more, most regulators require this to lower the number of players who suffer from gambling addiction. The racing facility Clubs in Victoria was supposed to devote a certain amount of money to benefit problem gamblers but has failed to do so. (03/01)

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