How to Play Pokies
A type of pokiesWhile the combination of betting lines, bet levels, and coin values may seem an intimidating and complex arrangement for newcomers to online pokie machines, pokies are actually one of the easiest gambling games to play. Once the basic concept is absorbed, it only takes a short time to get used to the subtle nuances of various types of pokies.

Modern, video pokies have come a far way since the classic 3-reel, one-armed bandit style pokie machine. Most online pokies feature 5-reels and multiple betting lines, allowing a greater diversity of results and potential prizes.

The first step to playing online pokie games is to choose an online casino with a large pokie, or slot selection. The pokies you have to choose from, the more you can learn about the different styles. A primary concern in choosing an online casino is finding one that either accepts your local currency, or a currency with a fair exchange rate.

Another type of pokiesHowever, absolute beginners should start with free online pokie games - most often referred to as slot games at online casinos - to get a firm understanding of how to bet at the pokies. For this purpose, any online casino with free pokies will do. When you are ready to move on to real money pokies, a reputable online casino that accepts real money players from your country of residence, and your preferred currency and banking methods, becomes absolutely vital.

Next, choose a pokie game. There are different types of online pokies to choose from, but they are not as complicated as they may seem. We will take one online pokie feature at a time to explain how each work when available on any particular slot game.

Online pokie machines will usually have a pay table that can be viewed by clicking a button that says Payouts, View Pays, or something to that effect. The Pay table tells what is required to score a win, and how much you can expect to win for different combinations that may appear on the reels. Clearly, this information will expedite your understanding of why you won or lost on any particular spin of the pokie.

Betting can require two or more steps depending on the type of online pokie game. The first thing to check before ever placing a bet is the coin value you are betting with. Pokies will let you choose a range of coin values, usually with a maximum value of $0.50 or $1.

Yet another type of pokiesNext, check the bet level. The bet level is essentially the number coins of the selected value you wish to wager. Thus, if you choose a coin value of $0.05, and a bet level of 10, your total bet is $0.50. Of course, this assumes you are only betting on one line.

With multi-line slots, each line you place a bet on will require a wager of your selected coin value times the bet level you have chosen. Using the $0.05 value at a bet level of 10, a single line wager is $0.50. Each added line will increase the bet in increments of $0.50, so 2 lines will incur a $1 wager, 3 lines a $1.50 wager, and 20 lines will require a total wager of $10. The max bet button will place your established wager-per-line on every line available on the given pokie, and automatically spin the reels.

Adding lines increased your odds of hitting a winning combination on the pokie, but it is important to keep an eye on how much of your bankroll you are pumping into the pokie on every spin. If you have $100 in your online casino account, and you are placing $10 bets per spin, you are significantly limiting the number of spins available to you if you don't hit a significant winning combo within your first ten spins or so.

There are many online casinos that can provide great fun and entertainment to pokie machine lovers. The primary key to having fun at the pokies is understanding how much you are risking on each spin. Bet too much and you may run out before you hit the jackpot, but betting too little can leave you nonplussed with your wins. Striking a happy medium will keep your time spent at the pokie lively and enjoyable.
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